Interpreted through a modern lens, Sweet Disposition evokes our fondest memories of the sun. When time passed a little slower and dusk was a doorway to discovery. New friends, spontaneity, and a cup full of optimism; we walked into every moment with an open heart and curious mind. If the world was our oyster, spring was the most brilliant of pearls. A reoccurring rite of passage. A time to find and celebrate our most divine feminine. Wild, wonderful, and free.

An artful approach to the colour and sentiments of spring, Sweet Disposition applies imperfect prints, lively block tones and childhood classics to billowy silhouettes that feel simple yet informed. The expected build on texture ignites interest with layers of pleating and body-sculpting shirring integrated through the brand’s signature dress and set code. Ditsy golden florals, clumsy outlines, lilac and lipstick red hues feel nostalgic yet outwardly feminine, while graphic monochromatic prints and dropped waistlines inject a modern appeal.

Sweet Disposition is a love note to our future selves. Explore the collection.