As we dive deeper into what it means to be an eco-friendly brand, where better to draw vision than the biodiverse paradise of Western Mexico’s CuixMala: The luxe eco-friendly resort engulfed by tropical rainforest, fragrant fruit orchards and coastline pristine yet wonderfully rugged. A Pacific facing luxury and valuable lesson in balance – equilibrio in nature, palette and design.


Here, we push our passion for colour; an onrush of vibrancy seemingly erratic yet planned with butterfly-like accuracy. Medleys of highlight lilac, Mexican marigold and Poinsettia red are joined by bursts of block magenta and playful floral expressions larger than before. An air of flamboyance levelled by the grounding majesty of earth with leafy prints, Agave Green and calming Tierra.


Resort sets continue with a focus on mixability and featuring light-hearted takes on traditional pattern work and the iconic Escaramuza Charra. Oversized shirting, relaxed, wide leg pants and our forever muse, the maxi skirt are cut with a conscience for days to come. Match with cross body halter tops and elegant bralettes allowing space for new waistline detail to show - wide cotton belting with loops an evolution from the more delicate adjustability of seasons past.


A vibrant celebration of a beautiful place in time. Journey through CuixMala.